Bringing Purpose Back

Friends For Life


Stitch struggles with being alone, and finding a foster that has the time to manage a dog with separation anxiety can be difficult.

Our friends over at AutumnGrove Cottage—a memory care facility—reached out looking to see how they could help the shelter. We received this update from Edward, their Regional Marketing and Life Enrichment Coordinator, after placing foster dog Stitch with them:

"Can we talk about a PERFECT fit for Stitch?! He LOVES it here and we love him! He has quickly bonded with most of our residents and staff, primarily Roy.

I have never seen Roy as engaged with anything until he met Stitch! Roy is beyond tickled that Stitch is here and has quickly become Stitch's protector and best bud! Thank you to you and your staff for giving Roy a great sense of pride and more importantly, PURPOSE!"


When Hoss came to Friends For Life he was a busted-up, starved, heartworm positive dog. He was quiet in the pain that had touched his body, and undoubtedly his heart; a gentle giant who had been ignored for so long, but was willing to forgive, and even love, the new humans around him without hesitation.

On June 19, 2018, he became a resident foster at AutumnGrove Cottage and found a new friend. His friend could look past the scars that litter his body. He found someone to be in this present moment with him. Quiet. Safe. Together.

At Friends For Life, Every Animal Matters is about looking past the barriers that dismiss any being as disposable. It's about looking for connections and then doing whatever it takes to make them happen. It's about everything this photo captures.

Fosters are the only way we are able to do what we do.

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