Friends For Life

Today, Celia moved from the senior room to a cozy home where she will receive hospice care from one of our truly amazing longtime volunteers. Celia has mammary cancer and though is currently doing well, her time is limited. We will make exactly the same kind of decisions with our sweet Celia that you would with your beloved animal. We will be completely guided by her comfort and her ability to enjoy her life. In these days that she loves her food, bats a toy, stretches in sunny spots, purrs and is comfortable, we rejoice. It is our job to watch vigilantly for that moment in which we can do her the kindness of gently releasing her from the time in which there is no more joy to be found.

For our shelter and other No Kill programs, this is what the end of life decisions look like—attentive, sacred and always understanding that our “dominion” over them must not be simply flexing our power to destroy. 

It must be a soul-stirring moment on our journey as human beings and as shelter guardians, when we decide to exercise our ability to take their lives. 

Every Animal Matters is a sacred text. It is a calling.

It is a rallying cry. 

And it is truth.