​Leafhopper goes home.

Friends For Life

As the only black kitten in a sea of siamese-colored brothers and sisters, Leafhopper has been different since the moment he was born.

Shortly after coming to Friends For Life, he was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

His EDS has resulted in dwarfism, making him incredibly (and perpetually) tiny. His skin is so delicate that just being restrained for vaccinations caused a tear that required stitches. It took a special program, a special vet and special care to get Leafhopper ready for his forever home.

We knew that we could find that home. Our confidence in the Friends For Life model is complete.

Leafhopper will need Soft Paw claw covers for the rest of his life so that he doesn't hurt himself when he scratches. He also needs to be an only pet to avoid pet siblings accidentally hurting him during rough play.

After seeing him on our Facebook, his mom fell in love. She flew all the way here from Indiana to adopt her tiny, fragile, friendly and resilient boy.

Her joy on getting to hold him is so beautiful!

In some shelters, where being a black cat alone can be a death sentence, he wouldn't be worth the extra effort. For Leafhopper, Friends For Life meant having the medical care he needed—and the chance to find his perfect Hoosier mom!