Resting Tortie Face

Friends For Life

Even more amazing that the show Bridezillas had a viewership was that the 'zillas all seemed to find love. While we are not saying there are cat 'zillas, let's just say that there are some personalities that are more complicated than others. Some of our readers will remember Cricket, the FFL tortie that hijacked the FFL facebook for a few days. She penned a few blogs and bid us a fond adieu as she found her forever home.

One of the lasting lessons from not just working to understand Cricket but all of our animals is that they are gloriously, endlessly individual. We joke about a tortie coat or other phenotypes that predict behavior but it really is just that--joking. Because the fact is this--breed and outward appearance do not govern behavior.  

Dear Friends for Life,

We are sorry for the delayed correspondence regarding the Tortie cat we adopted from your organization in the Summer of 2017. 

Though y'all gave her the name Mouzzie, we have opted to refer to her as Catalina.

Though we were warned that Catalina did not make good first impressions (she does not) and understood that she had been in foster care for a very long time, she is truly a changed kitty now. After a tenuous first few months, Catalina began to really warm up to us and our house. 

Now, she rarely ever lashes out in frustration, and instead is very much attached and downright needy for our attention. She has gotten extremely comfortable with us, so much so that her personality shows frequently, and boy does she have a very big personality and lots of opinions to vocalize.

We know that Catalina had a rougher start to her life, but rest assured that she is making up for lost time. We are convinced that, like all Torties, she just needed a family, and now she does.

Thank you for caring for Catalina through your foster program, and for all of your incredible work on behalf of animals. Your organization is highly-respected, and we are grateful to you for putting Catalina in our lives.

Attached are a few photos of Catalina we wanted to share. One of our favorite things about her is that she rolls on her back and puts a paw over her eyes to sleep, too cute!

Thanks so much for everything, and keep up the great work,

Amber, Alex, and Catalina