Sometimes home is half a world away

Friends For Life

Paramedic Jeremy was driving home from work on a Kuwait military base when saw a small puppy in the middle of the desert. As soon as he pulled over, the soaking wet dog ran up to him, crying and whimpering - terrified and alone.

Jeremy did what any hero does - he dried the puppy off, put her in the car, and drove home.

Mary KuwaitPup-4.jpg

Working with friends and a stateside rescue group, the medic found a retired firefighter to adopt the pup. He raised funds to have her vaccinated, and then secured transport and financing for her trip from Kuwait to Houston, via Austria.

But there was one problem - the adopter, Kevin, was in Amarillo, TX.

Jeremy reached out to us via email, unsure if we had done anything like this before. We hadn't. But... that's never stopped us. Instead of restricting ourselves, we get creative and figure out how it can be done.

She made the flight from Kuwait, through Austria, to Houston and, after being picked up from the airport, spent the night with her extended family, Kevin's sister, here in Houston.


Early on the morning of June 12, our Adoptions Manager, Pam, and the small dog we now call Sukie set out to make the 10-hour car trip from the Friends For Life shelter to Amarillo for the last leg of Sukie's journey home. After a quick break in Fort Worth for lunch, Sukie was finally home with her new forever family.


World traveling is a lot easier if you learn how to sleep through it.

Making these connections is what we're about. We're about bringing animals home, even if that home is half a world away. Why?

Because every animal, everywhere, matters. Sukie doesn't know what borders are. She doesn't know what time zones are. And compassion shouldn't either.