Thank You for 2018

Friends For Life

Clint was fending for himself and going hungry a lot.

Clint’s rescuer had seen him around and had been leaving out food for him. One day, she noticed that he was limping and decided to scoop him up.

She reached out for help, and we set up a time to bring him into the shelter. When Clint arrived, he was in so much pain that we had to carry him to the exam room. We discovered an ear abscess, mange and infections. His left elbow was swollen and warm to the touch. He was also heartworm positive. We gently cleaned him up, and created a medical plan. Once the infections are gone, we will be able to start his heartworm treatment, repair his elbow, and eventually schedule his neuter surgery.

Clint has fought many battles that we will never know about. But that road led him here – where he matters. He still has a long road to recovery, but he has friends along the way this time. And if we need to, we’ll carry him, again.

Dear friends,

We were able to save Clint because of you.

Every day that we provide care to suffering animals, we are grateful to you for supporting our work. Our work is multi-faceted. We provide shelter, food, care and training to hundreds under our care.

We give free pet food to our neighbors who struggle to feed their pets. With your support, we are able to provide free spay/neuter services to underserved communities through our Fix Houston™ program.

Our work is also stepping up in the time of crisis. During Hurricane Harvey, we created a national proof of concept for cohabitated shelters when we led animal care at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Our cohabitation manual has now been published in collaboration with the American Red Cross and USDA.

Please consider making a year-end gift, to allow more happy endings in 2019:

  • $50 spays or neuters a cat through Fix Houston™
  • $100 provides 25 animals with vaccinations
  • $250 covers 25 doses of antibiotics
  • $500 supports heartworm treatment for one dog
  • $1,000 pays for one night of emergency medical care

Your support will give more animals—like Clint—a second chance they won’t receive anywhere else. For animals and humans alike, we are their support. Thank you for being ours.


Salise Shuttlesworth, J.D.
Executive Director

You can help support more animals in 2019, like Clint, with a year-end donation.