We need your help to help Missy

Friends For Life

Can I stay here a while? No? Ok.

Missy was wandering alone just after Harvey on stiff, short, exhausted legs. We don't know how she got through the storm, but this little thing was roaming the streets dehydrated and heartworm positive. She patiently wandered from house to house and then not being invited to stay, would just keep quietly moving along.

Though posted on Nextdoor by several people and shared widely on FB, no one claimed her. Maybe it was that she was an old, spindly dog. Maybe it was the huge tumors that grew like big, painful cauliflower spilling out of both ears and smelling just awful. She shook her head in discomfort, as the growths in her ear canal were even beginning to throw off her balance. But she was exceedingly well-mannered, as a lady her age might be.

Finally a rescuer took her in. Eight years old,  heartworm positive and needing surgery for masses in both ears, she would not be an easy save. But this little girl had tried hard to live. She had a bilateral ear ablation at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists with Dr. Cole. It is a highly specialized surgery that is as dramatic as it sounds. The surgeon had to go deep into the ear canal and carefully cut out the masses while keeping the healthy tissue in tact. Masses are either polyps, benign or malignant tumors. We will know after biopsy comes back. Dr. Cole says they can feel ‘like a new dog’ after getting these fixed. Right now they really bother Missy, so we are having it done for her. There is no quality of life for her without the surgery.

The cost of surgery is $4200-$4700. Then of course come the meds, the heartworm treatment and the spay. That will put us over $5,000 to help this lost soul. 

Surgery Goes Well or When it's really a "cone of hope" and Chicken steps in to help!

Missy did well in surgery and though getting all the tumors out of her ears was a long surgery and complex to boot, she fared well.

From her foster mom Dec 10th: "Missy had a rough couple of days, but last night she finally decided to eat. I had to hand feed her the first time but she did well with this morning's meal. She's definitely not a fan of all the medication right now. I'm going to try a couple of other ways to get her to take them. I've had to force them the last couple of times.

I postponed a trip out of town because I couldn't bring myself to leave Missy while she felt so poorly. 

We've found our cat, Chicken, curled up with Missy frequently since she came home. I've attached a picture of the two of them as well."

Dec 14: Biopsy's back

The good news is that the tumors are all benign and her prognosis is good. The more challenging news is that the infection was so deep that it has gone to the bone and she will need a combo of three strong, pricey antibiotics. But with the proper medication and care, her prognosis is very good. 

The Real Question--What about the least among us?

Why would we allocate resources on this discarded, gremlin-looking little thing? We are certainly aware that resources are finite, to be sure. We budget with (no pun) surgical precision, and this is certainly a budget blower for us! But the way we look at it, if we can create years of good life for this patient creature who has suffered so much for so long, it is exactly what we want to do. It is who we want to be as a shelter and a community. 

We were among Harvey first-responders honored by receiving a City Proclamation at a Mayor's breakfast this morning. Mayor Turner gave some very inspirational remarks and said he was especially proud of Houston because Houstonians rallied around the least and the weakest among us without hesitation. We didn't judge, exclude or weigh merit. We just helped. 

Ways that you can help us reach our goal for Missy?

1. http://www.friends4life.org/how-to-help/donate/

2. Send a Limited Edition FFL Ugly Sweater gift card or tshirt this holiday:  http://custompromostore.com/friends4life/

3. Text #FFLARMY to 243725 to give

So that's it. We need you because Missy needs us.

#FFLARMY, let's make it happen.