Friends For Life Food Bank

Keeping animals in good homes is a priority in building a No Kill community. We offer an animal food and supply bank to provide assistance to those who find themselves in temporarily difficult circumstances.

If you need pet food or supplies on a temporary basis to enable you to keep your pet, we can help. Stop by our shelter during regular business hours and ask to speak with a staff member.

Our business hours are:

12-6pm Tuesday-Saturday
12-5pm Sunday
Closed on Mondays

You will be required to fill out a Food Bank supply form and will also be asked to provide photo ID. The supplies we provide are meant to help you and your animal through a difficult time. Our food bank is not meant to provide a permanent solution so the number of times you will be allowed to receive supplies is limited. Our goal is to help you hold onto your animal and each situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis with this goal in mind.

Our food and supply bank is completely stocked by donations we receive. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any specific brand or type of food or supplies.

In 2017 we distributed over 12 tons of free food to our community.