Online Enrollment Form

We have a limited number of fosters and we run at maximum capacity so they are generally filled. If all FFL fosters are filled, you will be asked to foster your rescue. To be a foster means that you enter into a contractual relationship with our shelter, you house and care for the animal throughout his/her stay in the program and you commit to bring the animal to showings as agreed with FFL. Because enrolling a foster animal in our program requires FFL to ensure that we have adoption show space for that animal and commit to expending medical/supply resources on the animal (see below for detail), we enroll fostered animals as we have space/resources to do so.

If you do become a Friends For Life foster parent, Friends For Life offers medical assistance through our participating veterinarians, vaccinations, worming and diagnostics to all animals enrolled in our foster animal adoption program free of charge to the foster parent. We show the animals on multiple websites and at multiple adoption center locations, professionally screen each candidate, check references, require a stringent contract regarding care of the animal and provide follow up on the care of the animal. Further, animals from Friends For Life may always come back to the FFL No Kill program. They are truly friends for life.

What are your responsibilities as a foster? What are FFL’s responsibilities?

After you understand your foster responsibilities should your animal be enrolled in our program, please fill out the online enrollment request form to start the process.

In the meantime, please explore every option possible to give the animal you are working with every possible adoption opportunity. We recommend that you contact other organizations as well as FFL. We have assembled a resource list to make that task more manageable.

We also highly recommend a series of informational documents geared to help you find a good home for the animal on your own. Included are tips of the trade, ways to market, methods for follow up and more.