Volunteer Shout Out

A Special Shout Out to Olivia Sison!

Olivia started with us just a few short months ago, and has quickly become a vital part of our organization. From helping with dog walking, cleaning kennels, training with the dogs, helping with our behavior/ team dogs, to helping at events, and always being open to help with the shifts that not many others want to help with. We're kind of wondering what we did before she was a part of our tribe! She also enjoys being a part of something that lines up with her values, and what she stands for.

Olivia is right at home with the love and comradery that she feels from the staff and other volunteers here. She sees that it’s a team effort and is happy to do her part.

The very first dog to pull on her heart strings here at the shelter was our sweet, shy Roxy girl. Roxy reminded Olivia of her own dog so they had an instant connection. Since her time here she has also found a spot for all of our #TeamDogs in her heart, as she has been able to get on all of their teams and has gotten to know each of their special personalities that make them the wonderful dogs that they are.

Though I don’t know if anyone can compare to the love of her life, her own pup, Princess Sasha Bella (“Bella boo” or “Poops” are her preferred nicknames). She’s an 8-year-old Shih-Tzu who loves road trips, long walks, people-watching on restaurant patios, and eating healthy crunchy orange bell peppers and persimmons. If she’s not busy, she relishes in a good 18-hour nap.