Volunteer Shout Out

A Special Shout Out to Rebecca Clifton!

Rebecca got started with us just a few short months ago. This past February she came in and hit the ground running. Friends For Life looks for hard workers who learn very quickly - and Rebecca did not disappoint! The shelter has quickly started to rely on her and feels lost when she is gone. She has gotten in the routine of helping on the dog side every Sunday evening and she enjoys the energy and hustle and bustle of it all. She says it’s the perfect way to start her week.

Rebecca is already a BV2 (Behavior Volunteer Level 2) here at the shelter and is a huge help with the behavior dogs. While many of the dogs are super lovable here, Drogo caught her heart with his sweet inviting eyes and lovable charm.

After volunteering at the shelter she goes home to her sweet dogs Fennec and Luath. We are very happy they let her come help us with the bustle of our Sunday evenings!