Redefining “adoptable”

Traditional shelters in Houston have a narrow and lethal definition of “adoptable.” Rather than kill animals, we pursue lifesaving interventions and find homes for animals who would not have survived in other shelters.

These animals include:

  • Dogs with curable conditions like mange and heartworms
  • Cats with upper respiratory infections and ringworm
  • Cats with FIV or FeLV
  • Kittens and puppies under two pounds
  • Under-socialized dogs and cats
  • Seniors (animals over 7 years of age)
  • Any bully breed
  • As long as it takes

    There’s no time limit for an animal at Friends For Life. Once in our program, an animal has a safe place until we find their forever home.

    Lifetime return policy

    After the adoption, because sometimes life throws a curve, we will take our animals back at any time, no matter what.


    At any time we have 70-90 dogs under our care. Most are listed as “adoptable” on our website, while some are completing medical or behavioral treatment before they are ready for a home.

    Dogs do best in a home environment. For that reason, most of our dogs reside in foster homes and come to the shelter for medical checks, behavioral training and adoption events. Friends For Life has animals in more than 100 foster homes where their families love them, train them, play with them and transport them to adoption events.


    At any time we have approximately 200 cats under our care. Our adoption rooms can accommodate 75 cats, with the remaining cats either in foster care or in our shelter treatment areas.

    Our MAV (Mobile Adoption Vehicle)

    We are able to “take it to the streets” in this 26-foot MAV unit! This vehicle can be spotted around town, featuring our animals at adoption events, transporting 30 cats at a time to spay/neuter surgery and even functioning as a veterinary outpost during disasters like the Bastrop wildfires.


    We are proud to be PetSmart partners since 2004! Approximately 15 of our adoptable cats reside at PetSmart. Every weekend we also bring additional animals and volunteers to this location as a way to build awareness of our organization, spread the No Kill message and showcase our pets.

    What you can do

    Adopt No Kill

    When you adopt from a No Kill shelter, you not only save one pet but also make room for another dog or cat to get to safety. Click  here to learn about the adoption process.

    Help our pets be seen

    A few ideas: Pick an adoptable pet from our website, then share their profile with your friends. Have a retail space? Display the profile of an adoptable pet who has captured your heart.

    Field trip!

    Tell your friends about the shelter. Host a lunch that begins with a behind-the-scenes tour. Call us to schedule.