Fix Houston

Started in March 2013 with a generous grant from longtime TNR advocate Carolyn Levy, Fix Houston has quickly become a trailblazer in Houston.

We created the first ever public/private partnership of its kind working with the City of Houston. We bring free spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations to dogs and cats belonging to residents of underserved sections of Houston. Through our Fix Houston program, Friends For Life underwrites cat services, while the City through BARC underwrites dog services.

"I am especially proud of the first-ever public/private partnership in which Friends For Life and BARC have joined forces to offer free spay/neuter and wellness services. Since the beginning of the program in July 2013, hundreds of surgeries have been performed. Houston is a progressive city and these progressive animal welfare programs are a part of that."             ------  Former Houston Mayor Annise Parker

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

TNR is the only proven effective method for reducing the free-roaming cat population. Friends For Life traps, neuters and returns free-roaming cats in targeted sections of Houston. As we spend time block-walking each neighborhood we serve, we develop positive relationships with the residents who have been waiting so long for this kind of help. The residents not only give us access to trap cats, but also help identify “hot spots” in which we may find cat colonies.

When healthy free-roaming cats are trapped, neutered and returned to their communities, the intake and euthanasia rates for neighboring shelters go down, the cat populations stabilize in the targeted areas, and the health of the free-roaming colonies is enhanced. This not only saves lives but also saves both private and public funds.

Data driven 

Fix Houston tracks all of our data in a custom-designed system that allows us to strategically target our efforts to maximize results for each neighborhood.

Progress by the numbers

Through April 19, 2018 we have:

Completed 4,636 cat surgeries

Prevented more than 92,720 cat births

That's 1,164 cat colonies completed!

We currently have 72 colonies in progress.

What you can do

Become a sponsor

$65 will spay/neuter and vaccinate one cat

$2,500 will cover a full day of surgeries

Click here to become a sponsor.

Support our program with a donation

These funds will help buy:

Gas for transporting cats to surgery

Cleaning supplies

Feral cat traps

Food for our feral food bank

Project Warm houses


Friends For Life is proud to have a group of dedicated volunteers who help locate cat colonies by walking neighborhoods and talking to residents. They set up traps and catch cats, transport them to be vaccinated and spayed/neutered, help them recover from surgery and drive them back to their home territories. Click  here to volunteer.

Learn TNR and help fix cats on your block

Friends For Life will teach you the basics and loan you traps. We will direct you to low-cost, sometimes free, options for vaccinations and surgeries. Caregivers who need support after TNR can get food from our feral food bank. Click here to access our  Request Form for services and information.