Project WARM

As the temperature drops and we add another blanket to our beds or put on a jacket and scarf, we often think of the animals that are outside with no shelter from the elements. One of the ways we can help keep feral cats warm, dry and safe is by providing shelter through Project WARM.

Each winter, Friends For Life builds and distributes WARM shelters made out of specially modified Rubbermaid tubs and lined with foam and hay for insulation. They are durable and reusable year after year and designed to keep free-roaming cats safe and warm through the winter.

How can you get one of the WARM houses?

We are selling WARM Houses at the Friends For Life shelter for a suggested donation of $20 each (cost of the materials). If paying the $20 donation is an obstacle, please let us know. We are happy to work with you to keep cats safe and warm.

How Can You Help?

  • Make a donation to help us build reach our goal of distributing 150 houses this season. Sponsor the build of a WARM house even if you don’t need one. 
  • Donate online! Be sure to put Project WARM in the notes when you donate.
  • Purchase a couple WARM houses and distribute them to people you think need them. 
  • Order needed supplies and have them sent directly to FFL! 
  • Purchase supplies and deliver to FFL like Santa! 

The following supplies are needed for Project WARM:

  • Full-size 50"x72" convoluted foam mattress pads.  Available for delivery from Amazon to FFL for $35.54.
  • Rubbermaid or Sterlite 18 gallon tubs with lid (Dark blue, green, black or brown colors preferred).  Available for delivery from Amazon to FFL for $12.99!
  • Both mini and standard hot glue sticks. Available for delivery from Amazon to FFL for $7.24 and $12.35!